Forging Ahead.℠

Nix Companies builds on our past to move our world into the future. To make possible the products and services that make the world work better. We honor the commitment and dedication of those before us and stand on that foundation as we continue to build an enterprise known for innovation, service and above all – strength and integrity of both people and product. Our focused expertise and multi-disciplined approach to serving our customers allows us to forge ahead and find new and exciting realities in the markets we serve.

To “Forge Ahead” means to move forward and take the lead, to advance rapidly, progress quickly. It also hints at the earliest beginnings of Nix Companies – forged in the humble blacksmith shop of Charles Henry Nix – the generations that have followed have taken his lead, Forging Ahead℠ to build a better, stronger future for our community, our employees, our partners and our customers.

The forward arrow in the Nix logo points to the future, to forward movement, progress and ties directly to the tagline below it. This also serves as a rallying cry for the internal team, inspiring them to blaze new trails and focus on the potential that lies in wait.